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We have teamed up with Cabrini Emergency

Saving our Juniors $205 8am-6pm Weekdays and $240 from 6pm-8am weekdays and weekends

Our Club has approved the offer by Cabrini Emergency department to be included on the list of sporting clubs receiving a 50% discount for their junior members and direct access for our senior members.

Forms have been supplied to us by Cabrini allowing us direct access to the Doctor in Charge and to facilitate smooth efficient access and treatment.

The forms can be access via ANC's Team App (in Documents).

Cabrini Emergency Department have recently launched their new wait time which can be found on their web site

We look forward to teaming up with Cabrini Emergency and working together in support of our Members.

Cabrini is a private, not-for-profit healthcare service that does not rely on funding from government or the Catholic Church. Therefore, fees must are charged for emergency medical care. Unfortunately health insurers do not cover emergency attendances, so the fees help cover costs.

Talk to us on how to claim the discount when attending Cabrini Emergency.

For further information contact Trish Ennis, Cabrini Emergency on 9508 1489
or email

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